Head just tried to scold me for talking on school grounds

Thought I’d blog about something that just happened at the school.

I dropped Andrew off at the nursery this morning, for the first time since he was allowed back. On the way in I bumped into a mum of another P1 boy and told her that Andrew was back at nursery as we’d taken him out of school. Andrew’s former classmates haven’t been told anything about where he went – we’ve emailed the headteacher about this twice and not even had a courtesy reply – so the only way other children and parents can know is if we tell them.

Her wee boy is about the same age as Andrew so our discussion started in the playground, continued into the cloakroom, and back out into the playground again. I just stuck to the facts.

Someone grassed me up to the nursery teacher, who grassed me up to the headteacher, who accosted me at the far end of the playground as I was making my way out.

She challenged me and said that she heard I’d been talking about matters in the nursery lobby. I’m a teacher myself and I know a scolding when I see one. I didn’t want a confrontation because I’m still angry about being misled by her twice (inadvertently or otherwise), plus I’m off work with a bad cold right now, so I said she should speak to my husband (and co-blogger). I really couldn’t find all the diplomacy skills required for facing a scolding for talking to other parents about a thing that actually happened.

I must confess I got a bit sarcastic. I asked her if I was doing something illegal or if she disapproves of my morality. I couldn’t stop myself from questioning hers as she walked off.

I wonder how that conversation played out before in her head.

Parents are most likely to talk to each other when they meet at the school. This interaction is the heart of the school community. I don’t gossip, and I don’t spread rumours; I talk with other parents about things that are of common interest. Just because we’re on school property, it doesn’t give them a right to censor our discussions.

The school belongs to us all. 


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