We won! But we carry on regardless.

This is me, now:

West Lothian Council have emailed me tonight to say that, after all, our son Andrew can go back into the nursery class and re-start Primary One in August, for which we’ve been asking for three months.

So we won.

It still rankles though. A parent shouldn’t have to develop this level of knowledge of education law, be this persistent and fight this hard to get something so relatively straightforward.

Here’s a short quote from an email sent to us on 17 January this year:

“A parent is not required to give any reason for withdrawing their child but the education authority is required to consider whether the child will receive efficient education, suitable to age, ability and aptitude. Therefore, if the child is withdrawn from school, consideration will have to be given as to whether this child will receive efficient education and if not, appropriate proceedings initiated.”

Parents shouldn’t have to face this kind of threat, which as I worked out was based on an ignorant understanding of the legislation.

So the blog goes on absolutely regardless. We hope that we can share what we have learned  about the law, about the ways in which you can make your voice heard and push back against the pressure, and how to win.

Much more important things than this happened in Scottish education today. But tonight, we drink from the keg of glory.


One thought on “We won! But we carry on regardless.

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